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Drone speed for optimal capture?

Is there an optimal drone speed setting for capture? Or is faster or slower better?

When the IOS app was working I used to fly at 4m/s. I found it to be a good value, fast enough so that you don’t have to wait too long to wait for the mission to finish.
With 5m/s I had some images missing in the mission. I don’t if it was related to the connection with the drone or if it was because of an old version but since I fly at 4m/s everthing is fine. At least when the app was working…

Hi, The slowest you fly the less blurry the images will be and better images, but then you will be able to cover less area since it will fly less time, if you have enough battery to complete the mission and cover the area needed (fly a little bit larger area than the area to map) then, I suggest to fly slow, personally, I prefer take a few minutes more flying but ensure a better dataset.

I noticed on the new version of the Android app that speed is no longer a user controlled variable. The few flights that I’ve done with it, I’ve seen speeds between 8-9 m/s. Flights have still processed fine and the photos don’t appear blurry. It also really helps get the flight done fast.


Indeed since the version 1.0 of our app on Android it is no longer possible to change the speed of the drone. The speed is automatically adapted depending on the height of the mission. The higher the mission, the higher the speed of the drone.

This is to ensure that the drone will be able to take enough images which is limited by the number of images that the drone can take per second and also for connectivity reasons between the drone and the app.

The speed is also adapted to minimize the potential blurry effect of images. If you fly at very low altitude and with a very high speed you might obtain more blurry images.


Thank You all for your answers.

the new version of android is not possible fly the vision + is very fast the results is very very low