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Information about the drone actual flight speed

Hi There,


It would be of great benefit to be able to see what the actual flight speed is rather than"Slow", “Slow+”, “Normal”, “Normal+” & “fast”

Are there any plans to display the speed the UAV will fly for it’s mission within the Pix4D Captrue App?

You must have the algorithms pre-calculated, so why not display this so one could choose the speed accordingly!!??

Hi Thomas,

You can check out the speed at which your drone is flying during a mission by tapping the battery icon on the right side of the screen, on Android and iOS. However, note that you cannot change the speed you drone is flying at during a mission.

However, there is no feature yet showing the speed at which your drone will fly when planning a mission. I have forwarded your request to add a numerical value for the drone speed. As a side note, we encourage users to post feature requests here: Product feedback.


I wish Pix4 make it possible to set the drone speed manually. During the winter with low light conditions, even “Slow” is to fast. Images get blurry and dragged out when the cameras shutterspeed is lowered due to low light.

There should be possible to specify the exact speed in meters/second. I know i can specify “Safe mode”, but i would still want the option of determine the exact speed. 

Example of “dragged”, and OK point :

I use P4 pro…

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Hi everyone,

I now moved this thread to the Product Feedback  section, so that we can better monitor your feedback.

@ Karstein Opstad , thanks for your feedback, we have added your vote for this feature request.