Ag MultiSpectral M300 RedEdge Cameras too much data?

Hi all, I am currently trying to process some agricultural multispectral images captured from some RedEdge cameras and utilising a Matrice M300. The data set that I have has a grand total of 24,000 images… is this too much? Once I have loaded all images, I set my processing and output parameters, check calibration etc… but step 1 processing spends around 4 hours on phase once then just crashes and fails.
PC Specs are:
CPU: i7 13700K
GPU: RTX4070
I noticed in the resource allocation that the slider is set to use the maximum RAM and CPU threads, but when processing has started it is not using really any resources, is this because there is an issue, or are those resources mainly used for step 3 outputs?
My main question now, is this too many photos? Can I run this project in parts instead and manually merge tiles later? I feel like the PC specs are completely fine for this type of operation, but I could be wrong.

Hi Corey,
I am guessing that you are running out of RAM. However, if you upload your log file I can take a look to confirm.