Low processing speed despite powerful machine

Good morning:

We are using a work station for the data processing of our multispectral camera Micasense RedEdge. The workstation has a Xenon i9, NDVIA RTX A2000, SSD hard disk and 16 GB RAM. Theorically these characteristics are more then enough to process the data, however the speed is really low (i.e: example, we spend 3 days to procces a flight with 5800 images). Is there any reason why Pix4D is not taking all the advantage of our machine? I mean some configuration/driver issue we could review in order to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @cprendes,

The following article shows the minimum and recommended hardware and software requirements.

I would suggest for very large projects (1000 - 2000 images at 14 MP)at least 64 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD Free Space. The 16 GB RAM I would say is not enough. Also PIX4Dmatic is recommended for large projects like the one you are referring to. Have you tried processing in PIX4Dmatic?


Your workstation is not nearly powerful enough to process larger projects. I just processed a micasense RedEdge-P project with 8,500 images. It took about 5 hours. I have a virtual workstation with the following specs: 56 cores AMD EPYC CPU, 128gb memory, Tesla T4 GPU, NVME SSD drive. It’s not nearly as fast as the high-end workstations recommended by Puget Systems, but it works well.