Processing 100,000+ photos ( 4-oblique and 1-nadir camera rig) using Pix4Dmapper , any experiece ?

Hi all,
Does any of us has experience processing 100,000 photos ( 4-oblique and 1-nadir camera rig) using Pix4Dmapper.
, any experiece ?
What is your suggestiong , hardware and configuration ?
What is the timing budget ?

Thank you very much

Hi @phisan.chula, you can find our general recommendations in Processing Large Datasets.

You can also try posting in Pix4D Computer hardware community benchmark - #136 by r.capela which used to be a pretty dynamic thread and you can find some information about different computers people used.
Side note, you can check the recommended hardware in Computer requirements - PIX4Dmapper
with the understanding that we do not refer to projects as large as the one you have in mind.

Additionally, PIX4Dmatic was developed to handle very large datasets, and you could have a look.

Finally, we are always happy to share impressive use cases so do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating on publishing a use case on our blog.

That was my input, let’s see what the community has to say!


Oh! thank you so much for you prompt response.
I will check and wait eagerly for the fruitful