Very large map in pix4dfields

I am in the middle of processing a project with 28000 images in pix4dfields. Is the right software for this large of a project? And what is everyone’s recommendations on a computer to process this Thanks

Hi Steven,
What kind of dataset do you have? RGB or multispectral?

Ultimately, I think you will have to split the project up into smaller sections as we have not tested the software with a project this large before. If you have an RGB dataset, then you might want to look at PIX4Dmatic. It is possible that it might handle your dataset better than Fields. But I still believe that you will want to split the project up.

Lastly, I would like to direct your attention to a partner of our. Puget Systems tests different hardware configurations with our software. They are a great resource.

Thank you. I have to process into one big map. Will look at their hardware

@stevenfair how was the processing?