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A run file did not open a project


I am trying to create a BAT file with the following command:

pix4dmapper.exe -n -c --image-dir C:\Oz\test --geolocation-format pix4d-x-y C:\Oz\test2\a.p4d

I use the demo files provided with the software.

I get an error:

[2018.08.12 00:53:17][31%RAM][8%CPU][Info]: Adding predefined templates for: <pix4dmapper>
[2018.08.12 00:53:17][31%RAM][8%CPU][Info]: Found 13 images.
QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified
[2018.08.12 00:53:17][31%RAM][8%CPU][Error]: Failed to parse geotag file: !
[2018.08.12 00:53:17][31%RAM][8%CPU][Info]: New camera model in the project. Read the camera parameters from the database.
[2018.08.12 00:53:17][31%RAM][8%CPU][Error]: Failed to create project.

Why does not the project open?

Hello Oz,

In order to use the command line functionality, you need a Pix4Dmapper Enterprise Server License.

Please contact our sales department here if you are interested in an offer.