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3D models - do i want Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dmodel ?

Looking to create a pix4d setup
Tested Pix4dmapper beta for mac os, and some cloud output
Primary commercial need is delivery of 3DModels

My goal starts with the high level 3D model creation and output with DJI drone capture
3D modellers exporting and improving models where needed manually

  1. Does Pix4dmapper desktop do all that pix4dmodel achieves ? my test using the MAC desktop beta seemed to provide custom control of my models and i wasn’t sure what pix4dmodel offered in addition?

  2. is there a mac product for both or for the product i need ?

  3. i assume all cloud processing by pix4d does not provide the commercial granular control needed or is there a fully functional cloud solution as professional as desktop ?

I welcome any high priority help as didn’t realise i cannot reach pix4d support live to to resolve and move forward same day

The Digital Dove

Hi Jonty,

I will answer to your questions below:

  1. Pix4Dmapper desktop does everything pix4Dmodel does and more. Both these softwares are the same installation, only some features cannot be used in Model. You can see the comparison table here:

  2. There is Mac for both but it is beta and we have stopped developing it: Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0, it is availble for both Mapper and Model as iths the same insatllation. the link from where you can download is given here

  3. You can upload from desktop to cloud by making chnages in the processing options or customising it:

Also, you can reach out to Support if you have Support and Upgrade or if you are using trial, we usually respoind within 24 hours. Also, you could write to community anytime.

ok so its not clear what product i need. As noted i am on mac os, and my trial has expired. So what am i supposed to be using to continue with my 3dmodeling test?

You can extend trial for 10 more days: You can use Pix4Dmapper as trails are not available for Pix4Dmodel. However, you know the differences now: : . You can only get the 3D mesh in Model, not the ortho, point cloud or DSM/DTM.

i still dont understand. As i am on a mac os , should i use an alternate drone mapping soluton like dronedeploy. Are you saying that when my trial expires , i have no product to buy from you or use unless i am not using mac os

further to this. When exporting 3D models for presentation on sketchfab, is the mac beta able to exporr anything that sketchfab recognises? it seems in processing options of the mac pix3dmapper one cannot export an .fbx


Mac can export fbx format of mesh. Since Mac is in beta, we do not provide technical support for it, but you can buy and use it. You can also use cloud for a few projects if you are using Mapper.

Thanks ( and i welcome any help from community too)

  • so if mac is beta and not supported but can be bought and used, i would hope that it has a very different price to the supported version you sell at advertised montly cost? or is it this same which would not be great value

  • i have not been able to export fbx no and i wonder if that is the trial version but it clearly does not allow any of the file exports ( which are greyed out ) other than the P4d format mesh. How can i confirm specifcally that i can access the export formats as its a primary need

Hi Jonty,

I see my colleauge Holden is answering to your support ticket and has also given you this screenshot from Mac:

. The Mac version also comes at the same price, I would encourage you to talk to our Sales team about this. they will surely help.

We would also highly encourage any help from our community :slight_smile: