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Where to download pix4dmodel

I went to the link to download Pix4Dmodel but after registering I could only find an option to download Pix4Dmapper.

Is the download image for Pix4Dmodel the same as for Pix4Dmapper?

I was able to install and run Pix4Dmapper but uncertain if I have the correct software to test with.

If I need to remove mapper and reinstall model can you please point me to the download link for Pix4Dmodel?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Doug,

I am sorry if it is confusing. There is one desktop application, and when we log in with your account (email), you will be prompted to select your license, in your case Pix4Dmodel.

Hi Julie

I learned this morning there is a difference in the optimization of mapper and model.  I am working to model small items but I want to change my license from mapper to model.  I logged into my account and ended on the page shown below.  I then clicked the Pic4Dmodel icon.

Does that mean that I am n ow using Pic4Dmodel and not Pic4Dmapper?


Thank you for your  help.







Hi Doug,

Regarding desktop, Pix4Dmodel is the same as Pix4Dmapper in terms of processing, but Pix4Dmodel has some limitations. Pix4Dmapper gives access to all features. Please find the comparison table here:

The solution preference above impacts the default options that are applied for processing on Pix4D Cloud when images are uploaded via the web browser (learn more).