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Trial of Pix4DModel

Hello, I have a license of Pix4DMapper, and was under the impression I would be able to use this to model objects.  This does not seem to be the case.  However I see no way to access the trial of Pix4DModel to see if it will accomplish what I would like it to do.  Can someone please explain to me how I can access Pix4DModel?

 Hi Sean

I had  the same problem and found out that Pic4Dmapper is the same as Pic4DModel.  I have been using it and creating 3d models from photos now for a few days.  It is working very well.


Hope this helps

Doug, that does help.  Kind of odd though.  But it makes sense.  I should have to pay extra for what seems like an add on program considering how much Mapper costs.  


Do you use any specific photo acquisition techniques or settings during processing?



Hi Sean,

Pix4D Mapper does contain the same features as Pix4D Model but not the way around. Hence if you own a Pix4D Mapper license, you do not need to access Pix4D Model to create a 3D model. You can find the full comparison table between our solutions here.

As per processing options, please note that the 3D Models templates it has been created and optimised for such reconstructions.