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3D model is slow..

How can we improve the performance of the web 3d model viewing?

Hi Cesar 

Try using different browser. On some computers Chrome is jerky but MS Edge works flawlessly


I will give that a try, thank you.

guys any idea why this is?

Hi Cesar,

Could you give us a little more information about what you mean by “performance”?

  • Can you see the point cloud and the 3D textured mesh in the 3D MODEL tab?
  • Is the loading or the navigation slow?

I can see all everything. However moving the model is very slow. This happens depending on the PC I am using. Some work well and some are very slow. The solution is not to go to Edge.

How big is the output file for your 3D model?

Slow display and navigation is expected for outputs having a significant size and/or a complex geometry. The cloud viewer can be limited by browser resources (display, memory) because of the input images (number, resolution, content) and project properties (geolocation information, extracted keypoints, resolution settings).

To make sure you can visualize outputs on Pix4D Cloud without having to deal with slow performances, you might need to generate smaller output files. For this, download the project, edit the processing options in order to generate output files (for example, the 3D textured mesh) that are less heavy, and then upload the project or a single output to Pix4D Cloud.

Also, it is expected that the user experience might not be exactly the same on different browsers/computers, as @Jaako’s comment shows. It will also depend on your internet connection of course.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.