Yuneec E90 Not supported cameras error

I did yesterday a short mapping flight on my old Yuneec H520 which I still keep as a backup.
According to Pix4Dreact works native with the E90 cam.
When loading the pics into the programm I got an “Not supported camera”.
With spending some time in searching I found an artikel saying something about a blank in the EXIF-File and the XML for the CAM. Unfortunatelly the XML can not be found anymore for the E90.

Does anyone have this availible? I searched the Pix4D Install-Folder but it is not even there.


Please share a few images. You might have acquired a not-supported resolution


Hi Jose,

please find here the link to my google drive where I uploaded a few pictures. The pix are not best quality but should go into the software due the fact that the E90 Yuneec Cam is listed as a native supported camera.

It seems the exif tag for the camera name is wrong

I update the XML with this camera name