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Parameter adjustment for E90?

I read about some problems that may appear when using Yuneec’s E90 camera. Problems would include changed proportions of the map (for example - whole mapped area being slightly smaller than it sould be), low accuracies, concave shape (when it should be flat), and warnings in the quality report about a big difference between the default camera parameters vs camera parameters calculated from the images themselves.

Now, the solution I have read about are:

  • user Arruntus from yuneecpilots forum suggests:
    "Step 1, Calibration, optimization of internal parameters -> all prior.
    I’m sorry I have it in another language, I think it’s like that in English. You activate all prior and it already gives you the right results."
  • user EDB from the same forum: "We have had problems but it was related to the incorrect shutter option being used by the default Pix4D database. In the camera parameters we needed to ensure that the shutter option was set to linear rather than global or fast shutter. We then saved this setting to the database and it is saved for the future. Results are now excellent to GCP’s and check points. Without the rolling shutter correction we were up to 0.5m out. "

Would your experiences confirm this? Perhaps it can be refined even more? What were your experiences with the E90?

Hi Wojciech,

The camera has a rolling shutter which can be an issue for the reconstruction depending on the flight conditions and the area that is mapped. To mitigate the effect, we suggest applying a specific algorithm especially for flights with a regular pattern (lines). To learn more about this issue and apply the linear rolling shutter correction, please see

If the results are not satisfying, you can try the following together with the linear rolling shutter algorithm:

  1. On the menu bar, click Process > Processing Options…
  2. Select 1. Initial Processing and then the tab Calibration.
  3. Make sure the Advanced box at the bottom left corner is checked.
  4. In the section Calibration, from the drop-down list for the Internal Parameters Optimization, select  All Prior.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the menu bar, click View > Processing.
  7. On the processing bar, check 1. Initial Processing and uncheck steps 2 and 3.
  8. Click Start to re-run step 1.

We also recommend flying slower and/or higher to reduce the amount of linear rolling shutter distortion that is present in the images. You can see how your camera and flight parameters influence the amount of linear rolling shutter distortion that is present in your images with Pix4D’s Vertical Pixel Displacement Calculator.