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WMS Capabilities

I am using Pix4DMapper in the Pix4D Cloud web platform to process some digital orthoimages I have acquired. While I am able to share and embed maps, I am wondering if there is any WMS support so I can embed the orthoimages into an existing web app. I have done a quick search, but haven’t found anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Todd,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Currently, Pix4D Cloud doesn’t offer WMS capabilities, but that’s a feature that surely has a great potential.

I would be interested in hearing more about your specific use case and how being able to integrate map services from Pix4D Cloud in an existing web app would help you in your daily work :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

My background is in GIS. Generally speaking, it would be nice to be able to incorporate processed imagery into existing maps directly from Pix4D cloud rather than having to load them to a separate GIS server.

More specifically, I currently have a research project on which we have flown two 10 acre areas on private land owners’ property. In the end, we will have flown 45 properties (so ninety flights total). It would be nice to serve out the processed imagery to each of the land owners in a single map that includes other data layers of interest.

Currently, I can share the processed imagery directly from Pix4D Cloud, but that would require sharing two maps with each land owner and constraining us to the datasets available in Pix4D Cloud (roads and satellite imagery). Conversely, I could load the processed orthomosaics to a GIS server and meet my goals. If WMS capabilities existed, I could bypass this.

Thanks again for your reply.

Thanks, Todd for sharing more info, Pix4D Cloud layers with WMS capabilities would certainly help you in simplifying your workflow (and costs, I assume). One more quick question, which is the format of the datasets that you’re usually overlaying on the imagery? Vectors or rasters?


Primarily vector (though I also use basemaps that are raster based).


Hi Mattia, 

I am also very interested in Pix4D Cloud layer with WMS capabilities of Tile Layer capabilities. Is this capability available yet or does Pix4D have it in the pipeline?

I am currently looking into which software to utilize going forward, and the WMS capability/Tile Layer capability is high on my list of capabilities to have. We work a lot on ArcGIS Online and associated web apps, and the ability to incorporate processed imagery into our current maps are very valuable. 



Hello Rene,

That functionality is not included for now but I agree it would be a very good one.

Thank you for sharing with us.