Why can't Pix4D import TIFF images

After the project is built, the image is imported, but the TIFF format is not successful
It shows “20 images with zero width and height have been deleted”

Hi utmel2020,

Thank you for your message.
Could you please provide more information about the issue?
A screenshot of the issue would be great. If possible, could you please share 5 images?


ello everyone
After completing the editing process with Mosaic Editor, save the changes and extract them
I find this image in the file ,The image was saved with this name 20210707_MERG_ZONE_D_transparent_mosaic_group1
When I open the image using the GIS, the edits do not appear on it unless I zoom the image to the desired location
How can I solve this problem?


It seems that there is an issue with the pyramids built by your GIS software. Please follow the instructions provided by the GIS software you are using and re-build the pyramids.