When i go to export an operation the folder is empty on my desktop.

I created an spot spray map using the magic tool. i then go to export it so i can upload it into a johndeere sprayer and it creates the folders (boundary and RX) but the folders are empty. I did this exact same thing last week and it worked fine. it there something i may have done wrong here?

Hi Alex,

As mentioned in the support ticket, make sure no special characters are in the project or layer name.

If problem persists, please share the project in the support ticket.


there are no special characters. i can export the boundary only and everything shows up in a zipped file, but when i go to export an operation is when the folders are empty.

I’m unsure of how to share this project with you as I’m still fairly new this as well

Hi Alex,

No problem, our solution is really user friendly, will get up to date quickly!

You find it inside the project as well, the Export menu at the top right.

Export —> Project.


bdr_7afb8daf-3320-4105-bf37-2a5aa65244de.zip (1.9 KB)