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What solution is best for me

I am currently doing an investigation for my company about what mapping solution would work best for us.
The goal is to map both indoors and outdoors, very close to the target (building) in question and with very high quality images as the model will be used to inspect various faults of the building. We are talking about cracks not bigger than a couple of centimeters.(its done today manually with a system camera and zooming in the picture)
I would like to start out walking with a high pixel camera and then move on to capturing images with a drone to create the complete 3d model.

Does Pix4d offer this kind of solution in any way?

the solution might be not exactly what you expect. However Pix4d can do it.
Once you have a point cloud, you can click on any point in your 3d model. Pix4d will give you a gallery of images that have that location in frame. More then that - the program will zoom in on that spot in every photo.
Examining the 3d model by itself might not be enough. Also I find interior modeling to be extremely chalanging

I managed to have a full interior and exterior reconstruction of a building by following the very illustrative Webinar of Olivier:

But I don’t know if you could achieve such a level of detail as the one you need. My application was architectural.

Hi Somon

Pix4D is a fast and low cost tool for 2D/3D reconstruction of analogues. It’s a spatial measurement tool with good flexibility in data output types.

If in your case 3D location, length and width is important and at a price less than laser scanning, then maybe it is for you.

In either case, this will yield better characterization of points of interest than traditional means. Both laser or photogrammetry are data heavy, both inputs and outputs.

Hope this helps a little!