Best Approach Pix4d mapper to AutoCad

So trying to launch new biz, starting with local engineer company. So for deliverables they pretty much want AutoCad with local street with layers showing street, curbs, manholes, poles, houses etc… so then they can mark up from there for their work. So I did a test flight of one project they already completed. I have everything in Pix4D… so trying to figure out best next steps… keep in mind I dont know much about using Pix4d or Pix4d Survey… I’m trying to figure out what I need to buy and what I need to learn. So if I have the cloud points whats the best next step ? try to mark up in Pix4d Survey… or export right to Autocad and do there ? I’m not sure what work will export from what to what without needing lots of redo. So any pointers… or articles I can read or videos to watch… I want to learn, but I want to make sure I learn what I need to learn and not head in wrong directions. Thanks for any help or pointers.

Hi Kevin,
I would take a look at PIX4Dsurvey. It is designed to vectorize features from photogrammetric point clouds. You can digitize virtually any feature and then export it to a .dxf file for Civil3D. You can do a trial of PIX4Dsurvey, if you like.