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I’ve tested a couple of photogrammetry software and currently evaluating Pix4d. I’ve done a flight with my P4P and a couple of GCP’s measured with a GNSS GPS and doing the processing via PPK.

Let’s imagine the customer is using civil3d and has a 2d drawing. They would like to import a point cloud, this point cloud should align with their drawing.

I can export the point cloud from pix4d, the customer can import them in civil3d, coordinate systems match, on the screen looks everything all right.

The question is: How can the customer be sure that the point cloud is exactly there (XYZ) where it should be?
Is there a way to somehow mark the GCP’s in the point cloud differently, or label them while exporting, or how is this done at the customer’s end?

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If your customer would like to test if the point cloud is on the correct position (XYZ) and exactly where it should be, what I would do, is provide them with the coordinates of the GCPs and check if these points in civil 3D are in the correct place in the pointcloud. You could also provide them with images that show where the GCPs are located.

I hope this suggestion helps! Let me know of your thoughts!


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Hello Nikolaeta,

thank you for the answer. Now what I’m trying to do is merging the GCP export file with the point cloud in autocad, I’ll get back to you if that satisfied the customer.

Hi Daniel,

Have in mind that we also have PIX4Dsurvey which bridges the gap between photogrammetry and CAD and allows you to seamlessly import PIX4Dmapper and PIX4Dmatic projects or point clouds that were created with other tools, like a laser scanner. You can vectorize, add markers, clean up the pointcloud, create TIN or contour lines etc. For more:


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To Export from Pix4d and import into Civil3d a bridge that is done in 3D what is the best file format to export to and then import from?

Also is this available in the trial version of Pix4D?

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I suppose it depends on what you are trying to import/export, and the file format accepted by Civil 3D. With regard to PIX4D software, there is no difference in behavior between trial and active licenses. The best format would be the one that is supported by both. Our article Pix4D outputs with other software > by output can help provide this information. You can search by output, by use, and by software.