Problem with point cloud coordinates.

Hello PIX4D community,

I carried out photogrammetric surveys with a Mavic 2 pro at several stages of a construction site to produce 3D point clouds at several stages of the building’s construction.

For this, I used several fixed positions throughout the construction period and measured these positions with a high-precision GPS.
I used the PIX4Dmapper workflow to reconstruct the different stages with point clouds using 3D GCPs, I checked the coordinates of the positions marked on each model, they have the same positions X, Y, and Z, in the same georeferenced system.

After exporting the different point clouds I tried to visualize them in the Cloudcompare software but the position of the marked points is not the same and the different point clouds are offset. As the positions seem good in the Raycloud PIX4D, I don’t understand why, can you help me?


Hi lionel,

Can you attach the quality reports to this posting? We can take a look to see what might be going on.

Actually, I have found the problem since my post.
It was Cloudcompare that cut the coordinates numbers when they were too long. I found the option in the software to disable this option, everything is okay.

Thank you anyway for your reply.