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gcp processing


I have marked GCP points after completion of initial using Ray Cloud.

After that I had processed point Cloud & Ortho, generated it. I had imported the point Cloud & GCP in someother software, in that Gcp points are placed on someother place of point Cloud. There is a Z variation between point Cloud and GCP. What may be the reason this variation? Is there any problem in processing? Help me to find the problem.

Here I have attached my project’s quality report for ur reference



Thank you for sharing the quality report. Since your output, CS is the same as the GCP’s CS this shift should not have a place.

Because the shift occurs in the third party software could you provide some more details as:

Which software do you use for comparison

Are the GCP’s, and the point cloud imported correctly?

Have you checked the CS of both inputs in the third party,

Could you post here a screenshot to better understand the shift?