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3D Mapping

Hi guys!

My name is Azizi and I’m from Malaysia.

I have this one project and that is to map a certain area and floor by floor of the buildings that are inside the area to be use later on for 3D pathway.

Am I at the right place? Because I’ve been looking for something to complete my project for almost two month and up until now I can’t find one.


Much appreciated for your concern. 

Hello Azizi,

Pix4D Desktop can be used to create a 3D model of an indoor space. For interior reconstruction, it is strongly recommended to use terrestrial images. High overlap is needed (90%). Therefore, it is recommended to use a fisheye lens camera.
You can find more information about indoor mapping using imagery in our webinar.

Is the purpose of your project to create a 3D model of the indoor space (floors of a building) in order to use it for navigation purposes?
Could you please provide me some additional information about your project?