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Indoor mapping using indoor localization system


I’m trying to map a lab room by collecting images and camera positions using Optitrack positioning system (local coordinate system), then I  convert the local positions to gps locations and I insert them in the images meta-data. I got the resulting 3d reconstruction but in the report I get that the Geo-locations of all the images are not accurate. since the lab room is small so converting from local to gps is not accurate enough.

Is there a way of using the local positions (with respect to the positioning system reference point) directly with Pix4D ??

is there any example of indoor mapping using Pix4D with indoor localization ??


Thank you for sharing this interesting user case.

It could be that the conversion from local coordinates to GPS location is not precise enough and the software registers them as the same coordinates.

Did you try to process the project locally (Image coordinate system = arbitrary) and introduce some points with known coordinates in global coordinate system, e.g. WGS84, later on? This way you could bring the project to the correct location.

You can find some examples of indoor mapping here: