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Small Model Camera Calibration

Hi all.

So I am trying to do a 3d model of a small model (mandible).  I downloaded and printed the visual markers…downloaded the tags file.  I setup my model on a turntable with orange background (because of the white bone) and took photos at 15 degree intervals from two angles.  I then ran Pix4dtagger … so far so good.

I then doubleclicked the .P4d output file and Pix4d opened nicely.  Went about following the suggested processing setups and got to ‘Camera Calibration’.  According to the guide ( ) I needed to set the camera calibration method to “Accurate Geolocation and Orientation”.  The problem is, since the camera was on a tripod and indoors and stationary there is no geolocation data…and when I try to set the calibration to that setting I get the following error

                    " All images must be geolocated and oriented to use the Accurate Geolocation and Orientation calibration method  ".  


When I opened the project Pix4d noted that the images were too close together and discarded all geolocation data (camera does have GPS but not sure on the exif data as it was indoors).

I have tried to make the model using ‘Standard’ calibration method but returned a 'No cameras calibrated error after camera calibration during processing.

Can anyone advise as to what I am doing wrong please? 

Hello Brian,

The article needs a review from us as the “Accurate Geolocation and Orientation” method is not the one to use here as usually indoor projects do not have geotags. 

Thank you for pointing it out.

Would it be possible to open a ticket (by clicking on contact support) and share the project with us?