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1. Initial calibration: can't choose calibration method

When I open 1. Initial calibration, under calibration method, there is an option Accurate geolocation and orientation.

But when I try to choose this option, it gives me an red error line: All images must be geolocated and oriented to use the Accurate geolocation and orientation Calibration method.

All the used images have PPK calibrated coordinates.

What is the problem?

Hi Nada,

Could you check if you have the correct tags? Please refer to the article here:

Thank you for your answer.


Now I see that for this to be enabled you need the IMU data from a gimbal (or else) which I don’t have at present time, only PPK data.

But it does not matter, from the refferd article I can see that it mostly speeds up processing, not adding value to accuracy. So it is something I don’t need at present time.


Best Regards. 

Hi Nada,

You are correct, unless you are using accurate geolocation and orientation for calibration, it will not use the data.