What happens if signal is obstructed during a grid flight?

Hi, I am trying to keep in the format suggested, apologize if I made a mistake.

During my surveys, I am conducting grid flights in very dense urban areas with my parrot anafi. During these flights, I am really having hard times in order to keep connection on, since there are large obstacles and I can not move as I wish in such an area. Sometimes, signal is getting very weak, which makes me very nervous.

My question is simple. What happens if I can not manage to run with it and loose the signal? Will it autonomously complete the mission and come back to end point? Is What am I doing is completely unnecessary ?

Thanks for the answers in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @mkisaer,

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Can you please specify the Anafi model and the app you are using? PIX4Dcapture (legacy) or the PIX4Dcapture Pro?

Hi, Daniele, thanks for your response. My drone is a Parrot, model is Anafi. I am using pix4d capture (definitely not pro). I hope these are the information you asked :slight_smile:

Hi @mkisaer,

Thank you for confirming this.

From October 3rd, 2023, PIX4Dcapture is no longer available from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.
PIX4Dcapture will continue working as usual on the devices where it is already installed. New app installations will not be possible.

In case of signal is lost, you can define a “Signal lost action” in the “Safety and Security” settings. This defines which action is taken in case of connection loss between the remote controller and the drone (Not connected status). The options are the following:

  • Return to home point (recommended): the drone returns to the home point.
  • Land: the drone lands on its current location.
  • Hover: the drone hovers on its position.

However, this action will only be executed if the drone is not performing a mission.

If the drone is performing a mission, the drone continues the mission, and, in the end, it executes the Signal Lost Action. However, whether or not the drone will capture images depends on the capture mode:

  • If it’s slow, it’ll capture photos
  • If it’s fast, it will not capture any images

Hope this helps.