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Anafi lost connection & Disappeared during Grid flight

On July 28, 2019 my Parrot Anafi was conducting a Grid flight pattern over a mixed land use area.  On its 2nd route it was abruptly disconnected and appeared to spiral out of control according to the map screen.  I lost my Anafi and have been unable to retrieve it, a loss of $700.  How do I determine what happened & why this occurred?

Hi Joshua,

I am very sorry to hear about this bad experience. Did you try to take manual control or activate the RTH when it occurs?

From what you are reporting, it really looks like a drone defect. I would have additional questions to try to understand better what happened:

  • Are you using the Android or iOS version of Pix4Dcapture?
  • Where you in a place where interferences could have occurred (power line…)
  • Was the drone flight height enough so that it did not run into possible obstacles during the mission?
  • When you say on the 2nd route, what do you mean exactly? It was the 2nd flight line of the mission?
  • Could it be a motor defect that leads to what happened?

In the first time, you can send us the logs of the mission so that we can try to determine what was the latest GPS position recorded for the drone and investigate them more closely.
You can find the procedure on how to extract the logs here. Also can you precise us the hour when it occurs?

Also, as it seems from the information you provided that it comes from the drone itself, I would recommend you to also contact Parrot technical support.

Best regards,

The Anafi was 400’ above the surface & within sight, no obstructions. It completed 1 row of images, then proceeded to the 2nd row where it malfunctioned. According to the display it was spiraling out of control before descending or drifting off. I attempted to take control but it was too late.

Mobile device=
Google pixel 3a Android
All firmware was up to date on the anafi

How do I submit the files?