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What gimbal for mapping on M600 pro using the Sony A6000?

I am working on getting my M600 setup for mapping. I am trying to find the correct gimbal (lightest one possible) for my A6000. I hope to upgrade to another camera soon but for now it is the A6000. I can’t pay $10k to $15k for a “turn key” solution.

Can some folks who are using the M600 tell me which gimbal you use? Is anyone using the Gremsy gimbals (ie T3V2 or T3V3)? If you are using a 3rd party (non Ronin MX) gimbal, do you capture the gimbal yaw, pitch, and roll in the EXIF data (or at least write it back later??

If you are using the Gremsy gimbal, how do you trigger the shutter? I have found a device called the AirCommander Empire V2 and it will fire the Sony shutter from the A3 Controller (using F1 port). However, if any gimbal other than the Ronin MX is used, it will not have any yaw, pitch, and roll data. The Gremsy T3 is almost 1/2 the weight of the Ronin MX so I am hoping someone can pass on some helpful info. I am not sure if that device is even needed with the Gremsy gimbal?? I have emailed the folks at Gremsy (located in Vietnam) but it could be a bit before they write back.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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