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Can Pix4Dcapture trigger a non-DJI camera?

Is there a way to make the capture app trigger my Sony A6000 camera for mapping? I know I can add a custom camera, but how does the app trigger it? There’s no physical connection between the camera and the drone (DJI Matrice 600 Pro). So actually, the question is: how do I make that physical connection, so that the app can trigger the camera?

Hi Jan,
The camera cannot be triggered by the app as it is not integrated to Pix4Dcapture. The camera can, however, take pictures by setting it to GPS (trigger based on location) or timer (trigger based on time-lapse) capturing mode as long as the custom camera is defined in the general setting. Then it relies on an experiment to define the correct settings to achieve an optimal overlap between images.

Okay thank you. So, if I add the A6000 and set the time-lapse interval to 2 seconds, and I also match this number in the custom camera settings… the app will then adjust the speed of the drone accordingly? I mean, adjusting the drone speed slider in mission settings won’t have any effect?

That’s a good point. Actually, the drone speed sliders in mission settings correspond to a % of the drone’s maximum speed.
The drone speed itself is calculated by the app and you will be able to see it on the popup after tapping  START  button.

Adjusting the drone speed slider won’t have any effect then. However, our recommendation is to set the speed slider to fast when using a custom camera to optimize the mission and to get optimal results.

You can find the general settings description for iOS here