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Support for DJI A2 or new A3 controller?

Is there any support planned for the DJI A2 or the new A3 flight controllers? If so when? If not why? It seems like DJI has made a really solid professional mapping UAS with the M600. I would love to see support for it since there seems to be a lack of mapping flight planning software out there. 


I’m just waiting for that answer to buy the new DJI A3

Hi Thomas and Fernando,

Thank you for your interest in using Pix4Dcapture.

We have not tried to fly a drone built with the A2 or A3 flight controller of DJI with Pix4Dcapture. Apparently they both support DJI SDK so we expect that our app is compatible with the drone you built as long as the camera can be controlled, meaning that the app will be able to trigger the shutter of the camera if the connection is reliable.
To know that, you could simply use DJI GO app and check if the telemetry and the video feed are working in the DJI app. If they do, then taking picture with Pix4Dcapture could work.

Note that depending on the SDK supported by the flight controller, either SDK2 and/or SDK3, only the iOS might work. Currently Android supports SDK2 and iOS supports SDK3. The SDK3 compatibility will come very soon with the new beta version of Android (in less than a week).

If you give the app a try with a DJI flight controller, we would be very interested to have your feedback. We only suggest that you try it if you are an advanced user because taking over manual control might be needed.
To do a mission with Pix4Dcapture, you will have to select a drone. You could then select any DJI drone having the same connection mode as you drone, usually Wi-Fi (P2V, P2V+, P3S) or USB cable (I1, P3A, P3P, P4).


I have a M600 and will give this a go this weekend if I can find the time i am guessing that we would need to use the P4 as that is the most similar to the M600

I’m using an A3 system but without the LB2 addon, but have used the P4 with the Pix4d app.

I’m really hoping the Pix4d app will work with the LB2.  The big issue is that unlike the P4, the A3 cannot write GPS coordinates to a camera other than the x3/x5/z3 systems.

Hi Ben,

How is your test going? Is A3 supported?

Yeah, any update on this would be great! If you found something else to use with the A600 I’d be interested to know about that as well.


Hi all, they have made flight tests with 600 Matrice and PIX4D Capture?


Yes it works from a IOS device but not from Android. The CTRL+DJI app crashes on launch.

I have tried all forms of debuging in developer options on android 6.0.1 without success.

If anyone else has any suggestions aside from apple, I am all ears.

Until then… stuck with IOS.

hello Justin, which drone did you select on the app? as there is no 600 Matrice in the list of drones? did you select P4?

Select the inspire 1.

Hello Justin,

As you mention that, you  have succesfully flight with the pix4D capture using Matrice 600. I want to ask something because I want to buy Matrice 600 and use to pix4d capture. Did you encounter any problem with Matrice 600 using flying pix4D capture? Is there any video record when you flight. I ask them because of the app is not been tested yet on Matrice 600.

Thank you

Hello Justin,


I just got a Matrice 600 with x5 camera. If I fly it with pix4d like inspire 1 what about the flight time (matrice flies for almost 30min) and the camera mode (x5 instead of x3 that inspire has)

Many thanks



Hello Pix4D! i also have DJI matrice 600 and would like to know how soon an update to pix4D capture app will have the Matrice 600 included in the menu?



Hi Al,

Our developers are not working on the integration of DJI Matrice 600 on both Android and iOS Pix4Dcapture.

DJI Matrice 600 is expected to be compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS Pix4Dcapture with a DJI camera mounted on it (X3, X5, X5R).

However, it has not been tested yet and it is not possible to select this specific drone from the list of drones. You should then select M100 having the same connection mode as DJI Matrice 600. Several users reported a successful attempt when flying with our app. If you wish to give it a try, we will be glad to read your feedback.

In the meantime we took the need for supporting the M600 into account and reported it to our Product Team that will consider it for future development of the app.