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Can Pix4Dcapture trigger a non-DJI camera(Sony A600)?

Is there a way to make the capture app trigger my Sony A6000 camera for mapping? I know I can add a custom camera, but how does the app trigger it? There’s no physical connection between the camera and the drone (DJI Matrice 600 Pro). So actually, the question is: how do I make that physical connection, so that the app can trigger the camera?

Hi Jan,
The camera cannot be triggered by the app as it is not integrated to Pix4Dcapture. The camera can, however, take pictures by setting it to GPS (trigger based on location) or timer (trigger based on time-lapse) capturing mode as long as the custom camera is defined in the general setting. Then it relies on an experiment to define the correct settings to achieve an optimal overlap between images.

Okay thank you. So, if I add the A6000 and set the time-lapse interval to 2 seconds, and I also match this number in the custom camera settings… the app will then adjust the speed of the drone accordingly? I mean, adjusting the drone speed slider in mission settings won’t have any effect?

That’s a good point. Actually, the drone speed sliders in mission settings correspond to a % of the drone’s maximum speed.
The drone speed itself is calculated by the app and you will be able to see it on the popup after tapping  START  button.

Adjusting the drone speed slider won’t have any effect then. However, our recommendation is to set the speed slider to fast when using a custom camera to optimize the mission and to get optimal results.

You can find the general settings description for iOS here

Jan_Theeven, did you every complete your M600 Pro setup using the A6000 camera? There has to be something that can be added between the M600 Pro and camera that will trigger the camera from flight software. Maps Made Easy (Map Pilot) has a solution but this is very expensive. I am trying to rig my M600 Pro with my A6000 camera for PPK mapping flights. I have UgCS and other mission planning software. Thanks for any input on this.

It’s been a while :wink: Since then I’ve moved on to a Sony A7R, which I trigger using an Airpixel Entire. This great little device also geotags the images taken. Together with a new flight programming app called Hammer (I’m a reseller), this works fantasticly. Hammer triggers the A7R as it would trigger a DJI camera, via the Entire :slight_smile:

Good morning Jan, somehow I missed your reply. That is very good information!! I have sent a message to the manufacturer of the airCommander empire 2 but I thought I would also ask you if you could give me details on the accessories and connectors that are required to connect the air Commander empire to the m 600 pro?

I know that you are using hammer, but will other apps like drone deploy or pix4dcapture also work with this set-up?

Also did you find a lighter weight gimbal to use with your Sony camera for extended flight time? It seems that the Ronin MX is quite heavy in the flight times will be shortened greatly. So I wanted to see what you did on that as well.

Thank you again for replying and sharing the very helpful information

All the cables you need to get it to work are included with the Entire. I now use a Gremsy T3v3 gimbal; excellent stuff! I don’t know if this setup will also work with DroneDeploy or Pix4D capture… sorry.

I am working on getting my M600 setup for mapping. I am trying to find the correct gimbal (lightest one possible) for my A6000. I hope to upgrade to another camera soon but for now it is the A6000. I can’t pay $10k to $15k for a “turn key” solution.

Can some folks who are using the M600 tell me which gimbal you use? Is anyone using the Gremsy gimbals (ie T3V2 or T3V3)? If you are using a 3rd party (non Ronin MX) gimbal, do you capture the gimbal yaw, pitch, and roll in the EXIF data (or at least write it back later??

If you are using the Gremsy gimbal, how do you trigger the shutter? I have found a device called the AirCommander Empire V2 and it will fire the Sony shutter from the A3 Controller (using F1 port). However, if any gimbal other than the Ronin MX is used, it will not have any yaw, pitch, and roll data. The Gremsy T3 is almost 1/2 the weight of the Ronin MX so I am hoping someone can pass on some helpful info. I am not sure if that device is even needed with the Gremsy gimbal?? I have emailed the folks at Gremsy (located in Vietnam) but it could be a bit before they write back.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Jan, your insight was extremely helpful!! So thank you very much. I will have my Entire V2 here in a few days. I will also be using the Gremsy T3V3 gimbal. I use UgCS and DD and I am sure they will work nicely for this as well.

Please DISREGARD the message that was moved to this thread after your reply. They moved another post I had made to this one so I did not post that after you answered.

I do have one question. I would assume that you do not have camera roll, pitch, and yaw data. Is this a non issue for normal 90° nadir missions? If you are capturing the gimbal imu data, how are you doing that?

If DD or UgCS don’t work, then try Hammer… I use it too and it’s brilliant.

Jan, I also have the T3V3 gimbal. A FW update a couple weeks back reaked havick for me but they pushed out a new FW that seems to have fixed those problems. The problem I am having is that I can put it in Mapping mode just fine when mapping. But when trying to just take photos in “follow mode” it is not working correctly. It is actually in lock mode so that when you turn the bird, the gimbal stays put which results in wires wrapping around. Have you had a similar issue and if so how did you resolve it?

I have sent an email to Khanh and waiting to hear back.

I just got my A7Riii and got the Airpixel controller for that to have full camera control. That will be a VERY nice improvement!! I just ordered a used Sony 35mm FF lens. Which lens (or lenses) are you using with your A7Riii ?? Any other thoughts or advice on that camera will be appreciated.