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Using Pix4D Capture with third party camera... possible?

Like the title suggests… I’d like to use Pix4D capture as a flight planner only, as I have a Sony A6000 camera attached to my M600 Pro… which is triggered by a time lapse app (every 2 seconds). Is there a way to use the app in this configuration without it looking for a camera and of course not finding one?

The drone is supposed to fly with a non-DJI camera, even if the default camera is removed. It should follow the flight plan but the camera is not triggered because there is then no connection between the camera shutter and Pix4Dcapture, therefore it would require a timer to trigger the pictures. You should then adapt the time-lapse to achieve the expected overlap between images, which would probably require some experiment.

If you are interested and want to give it a try, we will be glad to get the feedback and learn from your experience.
I would recommend this article to make sure everything is optimal to fly with Pix4Dcapture.

Hi, I would also like to do this, and I don’t have an iOS device. Basically, my plan is to just mount the 3rd-party-camera and let it trigger automatically in a specific interval while the drone follows the flight plan. I am using Android for the flight plan. However, Pix4Dcapture claims that it can’t connect to the drone (DJI Matrice 200) and therefore refuses to fly.Note that I force quit the DJI Go 4 app, and that the connection works when I try it with a Mavic Pro. It doesn’t with the Matrice 200, which means that my phone is set up correctly but it may be a problem of the app. Could it be that Pix4Dcapture only flies if there is a DJI-supported camera on the drone?

What can I do to fly the flight plan without a DJI-supported camera?

Hi Jonathan, 

Let’s move the discussion to the main thread:



I went out today to try and fly the M600 Pro using Pix4D Capture with a non DJI camera.  The drone started gaining altitude then positioned itself to start the mission, but after that just sat there.  I can’t seem to get Pix4D to begin flying to the waypoints.



Hi Jay,

It looks like what you experienced can be related in some way to the issue that are facing the users on the thread mission doesn’t really start

Do not hesitate to give a feedback on the community if you have been able to overcome the issue.