What do the "input accuracies" toggle and the "ellipsoid size factor" settings do?

What do the “input accuracies” and “ellipsoid size factor” settings do? I don’t see these options described in the online manual (but perhaps Ive missed the discussion?)


Input accuracies toggles the visibility of ellipses/ellipsoids representing the input camera accuracies in 2D and 3D viewers. You can see and edit the camera accuracies in the camera externals table in the bottom panel.
The size factor is an arbitrary scale factor to apply to all the ellipses/ellipsoids to render them at reasonable size depending on the scale of your project and desired zoom level.
Adjusting the size factor, one can find a reasonable scale, at which it is possible to visually compare the ellipsoids with each other.
Note that both are purely display settings.


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