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Pix4d DMC2 250 camera parameters

We have 12bit and 16bit DMC2 250 camera images.You can look at the attached photo.(cameras.jpg)


With pix4d, we have a lot of problems when we want to make process with Large Images.


First of all, we have problems defining camera parameters.We can’t enter the values we want.Appendix you can see our camera parameters.(camera_parameters.jpg)


Another addition is the pix4d camera settings screen.(pix4d_camera.jpg)


Second, we have 16bit images added to the program when I send the results report.The orthomosaic preview result is black.What could be the reason for that?(report.pdf)


Another problem is that we get error when we add 12bit photos to the program.(12bit_images)


We get the same error when converting photos to 8bit and add to the program.What do we do to process 12bit photos?


Third, we can get a result when we convert the 16bit images to 8bits and process them, but the result is not good because we can’t enter the camera parameters properly.


At the same time, we get an error in the mosaic editor as I sent in the attachment.(mosaic_editor_error.jpg)

Hi Enes,

By default, the principal points are set at the center of the sensor. If you have measured and you know the true location of the principal point you can modify it but it cannot be less then 0.2*sensor width (for x)/height (for y) and more then  0.8* sensor width (for x)/height (for y). 

The bit of the image should not influence the acceptance for the processing however if one image is bigger then 500MB each, the software will not be able to detect features. For this, you will have to convert the images in JPEG format.

However, before giving the input to the software you need to reassure if the EXIF of the images provides all the needed information for camera model recognition. See: EXIF and XMP tag information read by Pix4D Desktop


As per the fail to load error, when moving projects, it is recommended to be careful and use the save-as feature in Pix4Dmapper as detailed in this article. Objects and results can, unfortunately, fail to load if some internal paths are broken which results in the error that you observed.