Weed Identification In Season / Spray prescription file compatibility

Can PIX4D software identify weeds within corn and soybean fields in-season and create a prescription spray map that is compatible with spray technology in existing machinery? I.E. AgLeader Incommand monitor?

Hi Michael,

Yes PIX4Dfields can identify weed patches/nests using magic tool, we can then export the shape file from Pix4Dfields. As far as supported monitors I know it works well for Deere. Unfortunately at the current time Ag Leader doesn’t support shape files that are small areas to turn on and off sections. They will import shape files for spraying but it has to be the size of an entire boom as I understand it. There is a hack to make it work by labeling as a field boundary and disabling out of boundary applications.

If I were you and Ag Leader is a concern, I would reach out to their team and let them know. I know they are working to support right spot applications and perhaps this may eventually evolve into allowing shape file imports for small area prescriptions.