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Warning in Mosaic Editor not opening file

[Warning]: Mosaic editor: cannot open file <D:/pix4d/test_Project/3_dsm_ortho/project_data/meditor/dsm.ipool>!

I am not sure why the error above is happening.

Can you give me some insight?


Hi Teresa,

These messages should not create any issue in the project. These are warnings that say that the files had to be regenerated, but these should not have an impact on the project. 

In the case there is an issue with the Mosaic Editor, a way to force these files to be regenerated from scratch would be to delete the “meditor” folder located on this path: 
D:/Proyectos Pix4D/tnbq3/3_dsm_ortho/project_data/meditor/

If there is another issue, please give us more information, so that we can further investigate. 

Best regards,