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Orthomsaic Editor not available

I created point cloud and orthomosaic, but Mosaic Editor is not active. Why does it not work?

I am running a full license Desktop, latest version. The OrthoTiff files have been created as outputs but I need to edit the Mosaic to improve a few areas.

Any support much appreciated.

Best regards

Please make sure that the Digital Surface Model (DSM) was created, otherwise the Mosaic Editor stays grayed out. 

If this was already the case, please provide these files through a file sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox,…): 

  • quality report (click Process > Generate Quality Report)
  • log file (text file in the results folder)
  • screenshot of the processing options as above

Looking forward to your answer :slight_smile:


I’ve got the same problem than Wesley.

I ticked the geotiff button, but nothing happened.

I analyzed my data 3 times this week, and the orthomosaic editor is still unavailable.

My Pix4D version: 4.2.26



Hey Alicia,

You have mentioned that you checked GeoTIFF for raster DSM, have you re-processed step 3 after that? Also Aae you trying to use the mosaic editor for an RGB sensor or another sensor? From what I know you can only use the mosaic editor for RGB projects. 

Hi Alicia,


Additionally, to @Selim question could you let me know if you are using the software under trial mode or you have a license? I am asking this because depending on the type of license that you own some functionality may not be present. 




Hi Selim,

Yes, of course, I re-processed… 3 times… and now a 4th one, because, the software stopped.

I would like to edit my orthomosaic, because, orthophotos show artefacts, and I want to delete some elements. It is for a RGB sensor.

Another question:

After editing the orthomosaic and exporting it, do I have to run step 3 again to obtain the new orthophotos based on my exported orthomosaic? or rematch? or is it not possible?


Hi Ina,

I payed a monthly licence for one month last week.


Hey Alicia,

Since you have the Pix4D Mapper Pro you should be able to use the Mosaic Editor, I am not sure why it is not working. I would also suggest making a copy of your project and your orthomosaic prior to doing a mosaic editing because it will over-write. 


What about the orthophotos?

What happens after editing the orthomosaic?

How do I obtain new orthophotos based on the edited orthomosaic?

Hey Alicia,

I am not sure what is  happening with the orthophotos, I am usually  working with the ortohomosaics. Once you edit your orthomosaic, it overrides the old one.


I was wondering if it related to the size of the file.

The project represents a road corridor, 7 km long x 200m wide, and the orthomosaic file is more than 1.5 Go.

Is it possible that the software can’t open the file?

I thought I could subdivise the project in 3 or for4  subprojects.

But first I will try on a smaller project to see if I have access to the orthomosaic editor.

Hey Alicia,

1.5 GB is not even that big Pix4D should be able to handle that, I have used Mosaic Editor for mosaics over 4-5 GB’s before. 

Hi Alicia,

Exporting the edited mosaic will overwrite the mosaic that was generated at step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index. You can find the full workflow here. 

Related to the Mosaic Editor issue could you share with me the quality report, log file and p4d file so I could further investigate?



Hi Ina,

Well, my 4th try was unsuccessful, Pix4D stop at Step 3 for no reason for the second time.

So now I can answer you.

Where can I send you the files?


Hi Selim,

I made a mistake. The mosaic is 14 Go…

Hey Alicia,

I have never edited a mosaic that big so I am not sure.

Hi Ina,

I reinstalled the software and it works great now. The mosaic editor is available.

Thank you all for your help :wink:

Great news :-).


Thank you for your update.