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Warning w9020: GDAL error <4>



After completing processing completely, I cant seem to access my mosaic editor and load the created tiff. I know it exists as I can open it in my image program but cant seem to access in Pix4D.


When viewing the log, there are a lot of warnings as below:

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL error <4> `L:/Aerial Photogrammetry/Strathneath 170910/temp/3_dsm_ortho/1_dsm/tiles/temp_dsm.tif’ does not exist in the file system,

[Warning]: and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.

What am I doing wrong??

Hey Moselilnna,

Is your Mosaic Editor Greyed out ? You can only use the Mosaic Editor if your Raster DSM (GEOTIFF) is checked. It would be under Step 3 DSM, Orthomosaic and Index/DSM and Orthomosaic. Moreover you can only use the Mosaic Editor with the RGB projects. Even with those warnings you should still have a DSM output if your DSM is checked.

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 @Moselilnna, hello to you! 


Is this problem solved already? Would you be kind to share it with me? I’m having the same trouble in my processing and currently searching for a solution. 

I would appreciate your comment on this!