I take this error? [Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4>

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> C:/Users/Bugra/Desktop/adana/pix4d/adana/3_dsm_ortho/1_dsm/tiles/adana_dsm.tif: No such file or directory

Hey Irem,

The GDAL messages are usually warnings that should not affect the processing.

Were the outputs properly generated? 

If you noticed that some of the outputs were not generated or the processing stopped unexpectedly then post here the quality report and the log file of your project and I will have a look. 


I have the same problem. Are there not any solutions to this issue?

There are many warning during processing that PIX4Dmapper will inform you of. However it does not mean that it is a problem. Do you have any issues with your outputs?

were there any solutions to this problem? i see where someone said, it shouldnt effect the processing but it definitely effected my processing. i stops processing after step 1. and i cant even get a pdf of the quality report. i can only view it after it stops processing. any suggestions?

Hi @manny.hernandez

Please could you share your log file, maybe there is something else interfering with your project?
To generate the quality report, please follow these steps:

Have a very nice day!

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