Generate Quality Report GDAL Error

Im attempting to generate a quality report and I have been getting this error…

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> N:/0360202/Images/Drone Footage/053023/1_initial/report/html/dsm_preview.tif: No such file or directory

Once I receive this error the quality report generation is stuck at 0%

Hi Michael,

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I see the path directory is on a N:/ disk. May I ask if this is an external drive or a network drive?

If that is the case, it is most likely the cause of this issue.

We do not support processing on an external drive or a network drive. PIX4Dmapper uses the hardware resources locally. Please save the datasets and the project folder on a local disk drive (typically a C:/ or D:/ drive).

For more information: macOS / Windows XP / Linux / Remote access / Parallel processing

I hope this helps! If not, please share the full log file which you can find it in your project folder.
Path: …\project_name\project_name.log

Rosana (she/her)