Inability to produce Quality Report

Pix4Dmatic will not produce a Quality Report. The process crashes every time. Support have not been able to solve, citing maybe its my computer, not enough RAM, anti virus clashes etc.
I was sent two links with a myriad of possible fixes which included installing new 3rd party software and rewriting dll registry and quite frankly I don’t think it is that complicated.
Any insights would be gratefully received.

Hi @uav11

Does this happen regardless of where (i.e. which folder) you try to export the quality report to?
Are you on Windows or macOS?
Could you please attach a logfile of a problematic project? either directly in the post or through a sharing service such as WeTransfer. This will help us understand the hardware and the version of PIX4Dmatic you are using. We recommend to use the newest version available online (v1.34.0 at the time of this post).