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PDF Quality Report is not available

When I have been processing lately I am getting errors in the log output. A quality report is produced in Pix4dmapper but there is only the .xml in the project file. Are these linked? How can I get the quality report pdf?

I am using the desktop processing version of Pix4dmapper.

You can see in the Quality report window the PDF is greyed out and is not available in the actual project folder.

Hi Brent, Can you disbale orthomosiac preview (step 1 processing options) and try generating the orthomosiac again ( Does it work?

Tried disabling the ortho preview and still have the same issue. I am going to monitor it by the drone type and we have second computer running pix4d to see if its something with our installation.

We are encountering it with mavic 1 and mavic 2 drones. We also have an RTK Phantom but I have not processed one recently.

Hi Brent, Let us know if it works with the other computer. We will troubleshoot further.


I am using pix4D mapper free trial and for me the PDF icon in the Quality report window is greyed out.
Also from the menu process --> Generate quality report is also greyed out.

Tried in a different PC and my colleague is also having the same issue.
Please assist.

Hi, If the steps have not completed successfully, there will be no pdf report. At least one step needs to be processed completely.