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Why Is The Quality Report for the Cloud in XML Format?

… and how do I view it?


I uploaded a project last night from pix4d desktop and the quality report results are in XML format. I don’t know how to view it like I would the pdf that is generated with the desktop version. I can’t download the project files because they are too big to zip …

I see the issue although I can’t resolve it myself as it’s in the cloud. In the log file it states that the PDF conversion utility failed to start:


[2019.04.24 08:43:32][37%RAM][35%CPU][Info]: Running PDF conversion utility: </opt/pix4dmapper/bin/wkhtmltopdf> …
[2019.04.24 08:43:32][37%RAM][35%CPU][Info]: … with url </tmp/pix4dmapper/project-470542/Yakima/1_initial/report/html/index.html>.
[2019.04.24 08:43:32][37%RAM][35%CPU][Info]: … with pdf </tmp/pix4dmapper/project-470542/Yakima/1_initial/report/Yakima_report.pdf>.
[2019.04.24 08:43:32][37%RAM][35%CPU][Error]: … failed to start the PDF conversion utility


Hi Daniel. The cloud can sometimes have problems with large projects and this issue usually occurs when the image count is over 1200. I have generated the PDF manually and will send it to your account email. I would suggest disabling ortho preview in step 1 processing options if you don’t require it as this can help improve stability.

Thanks a lot for the response!

No Problem. Happy Mapping!