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Volume with undermining


how can I manage volume calculation with void in the cloud due to undermining?

Thank you for answer,


Could you share an image or a screenshot of your use case? I think it would help to better understand the issue you are facing. 


Hi Pierangelo,

imagine a cliff, with caves. I want to calculate volume of massive rock of this cliff, without the volume occupied by caves…

Thank you for your help,

Hi Thierry, 

Maybe you could create one base surface of a volume on the ground to get the entire volume of the cave and the rock, then you add one on the ceiling of the cave with which you can have the “fill volume” of the cave. Then you can subtract both to get the volume of the rock. Not sure if that would be applicable, but I believe that playing with cut and fill volumes should help find the volume of the rock. 

Please post updates if you managed to calculate the volumes. :slight_smile: