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Volume Measurement

Hi We are measuring volume in terrain where the edges are missing. Can we define edges in Mapper so as fix the boundary points along with height defined above ground level?


Hi Mahesh,

I am not sure to understand exactly what you want to do. A screenshot would definitely help.
Volume are calculated based on the DSM. But some part of it are missing, you won’t be able to measure volumes.

Here are some tips about volume measurement:
You can set the base of your calculation surface using the  Volume Settings window as shown here:

You can also edit the vertices of your volume surface to get such result:

The z-value of vertices can be manually changed following this workaround:

  1. Draw the outline of the volume in Volumes module. Make sure to define the horizontal footprint of your stockpile correctly.
  2. Edit the height of the vertices in rayCloud. When the volume is drawn vertices are created as MTPs. These MTPs can be modified to 3D GCPs (Ground Control Points) in the rayCloud view. This enables you to give specific coordinates to each point (z), e.g. based on a previous survey of the area or as a height of the surrounding area.  
  3. Close and reopen the project.
  4. Go to Volumes module, use Triangulated (default) processing option and calculate the volume.

It has been nicely explained here:

Volume vertices

Hope this will help,