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Volume Help - Sand in a bay, on a slope

Hi there,

Could anyone point me in the right direction on accurately marking a volume, which is contained in a bay, but the ground is on a slope? I cannot see any way of getting the floor correct? Lowest point, triangulated and average altitude doesn’t give me anything close what I need… I need to somehow set the height of the volume tie points?


What I need… (green line)


Hi @operations1,

In order to adjust the height of an individual vertex, you will need to switch to the rayCloud and:

  • Edit the height of the vertices in rayCloud. When the volume is drawn vertices are created as MTPs. These MTPs can be modified to 3D GCPs (Ground Control Points) in the rayCloud view. This enables you to give specific coordinates to each point (z), e.g. based on a previous survey of the area or as a height of the surrounding area.

More here: