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Z value adaptation of vertices for volume measurement


It would be nice to be able to either import a base surface in dwg or to be able to adapt manually the Z value for each vertex of the boundary used to measure volumes. (As for now it’s only possible to snap the points to the point cloud or to decide of one average altitude for all the points). 


Milan Reniers 

Hi Milan,

There is a workaround to change manually the z value of your volume vertices:

Draw the volume in Volumes module and edit the height of the vertices in rayCloud. When the volume is drawn vertices are created as MTPs. These MTPs can be modified to 3D GCPs (Ground Control Points) or Control point in the rayCloud view. This enables you to give specific coordinates to each point (z), e.g. based on a previous survey of the area or as a height of points in the surrounding area from the rayCloud. You should then save, close and reopen the project, go to Volumes module, use Triangulated (default) processing option and calculate the volume.

I hope this helps,

Thanks Margaux, it helps me.

But in previous version we were able to select imported gcps for volume calculation, i don’t know why pix4d removed the possibility to pick gcps or mtps created in the raycloud in their volume interface.

Sorry for the bad english…

Hey guys

My opinion on this…

I do not have the luxury of neat stockpiles in my work and always need to move the altitude of the vertices. I’ve been using the work around described here for some time but it is cumbersome and time consuming. 

When can we expect a better way to do this?

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from the information I have available at the moment, there are no short-term plans to implement changes to the Volume module and I would recommend using the proposed workflow until further notice.