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Can not work with Volumes and GCPs in new version Pix4D 2.2

I have now upgraded to Pix4D 2.2, but now I cant see how to add GCPs (by using XYZ coordinates) to add volumes to the data set. Now in the new version in ray cloud there are no options to add volumes, and in the volume window there are no options to see the GCPs to use them to add volumes. I need to create a volume data set of a hill and relative to the sites boundary coordinates sent to my by my client. I have done three progress surveys of the hill so far of which they are digging out to set up a new quarry crushing plant on. Once the site is tiered and leveled I need to send them the final report of what total volume was removed. Now having the volumes separated from the ray cloud is very difficult (or rather seems impossible?) for me to work with volumes together with coordinated GCPs. So for now I need to reinstall the previous version of Pix4D. Please advise how to find the previous version so I can reinstall it. This is urgent as I need to send another progress report this week. Thanks in advance for any input.

Ok I have found the previous version download, so will install that and use for now. However if you can please advise how to solve my problem in the new version would be appreciated. The volume functions being separated from ray cloud and not usable from ray cloud seems a bad move from what I can see for now.

We’re having the same problem as John here.

Using XYZ coordinates for the volume boundary is standard with most volume calculation software, being limited to importing .shp files (which is causing issues) makes it seem like the software is taking a step back in regards to the workflow of volume calcs. Another smaller complaint would be the output of the calculations themselves, it would be handy to have a combined cut/full/total volume report instead of having to copy and paste each volume into excel etc.

DO this was the reply I had from support. Looks like we need to wait until the next update.


"Dear John,

We apologize for the delay. We have been investigating this issue you brought up, and have found a workaround for version 2.2:

You can introduce a new volume object. This will create a number of MTPs in the rayCloud. You can then convert these MTPs to GCPs and edit the coordinates of these new GCPs. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the Volume view and the rayCloud. As such, this will not update the volume computations. The volume measurements will however be updated if you close and reopen the project. This should be updated immediately after editing the GCP coordinates: we are reporting it as a bug and we will fix it in a future version. In the meantime, closing and reopening the project will update the measurements. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Best regards,

Marc Desgroseilliers
Technical Support Engineer"

Cheers for the update John, still waiting to hear back from them directly myself. Looks like I’m sticking with the previous version till it’s resolved. 

Still no improvement for this option in 3.0.13 yet I see Pix4D is steam rolling along to develop other branches of the software and this is very disappointing when we still cannot add in GCP from the volume area and its side bar! 

I also see that adding surfaces to create a DSM layer for adjusting volumes within in the volume area is also not possible now.  I use this added surfaces into the volumes when a slope might have trees and to remove them. I cant do this in 3.0.13 because I cant see where my added volumes are in the rayCloud window and I cant see the surfaces in the volume window either.

Would love to update so I can use the better 3D mesh editing tools for our construction industry clients, but so far the Volume are is such mess and these are our main volume of clients for now.


PLEASE PLEASE can you get this fixed Pix4D?   


Dear John, D,

Just wanted to give you an update. We have tested this, and it is no longer necessary to reboot the software after editing MTPs in the rayCloud view for the changes to be reflected in the Volumes tab.

We will absolutely transmit your use case concerning the use of the surface: having the feedback of the effect of the surface seems quite important in this case, so we will float it upward to the product management team. 

While we are working on improving the Volumes tab, this also requires some reworking of other components and can take some time. However, rest assured that we are working on making the Volumes tab better.

Best regards,

I’ve made the same complaint about this issue, yet still no change to the volumes tab.  It makes using pix4d almost un-usable when trying to determine volumes of material below the surface because of the amount of time spent in the tie point manager.  For example, if I want to use GCPs based off of CAD drawings of known GCPs below the surface I would have to create a volume based on the exact number of number of GCPs, and sometimes multiple volumes if I have sloped regions. Then manually type, or copy and paste those values into the tie point manager.  The older versions you could simply import the GCPs and draw the volume by “connecting the dots”.  It made this process simple and intuitive, now it’s a time wasting repetitive process.  Today I spent all morning determining the amount of mine-able material on a property because I had to manually input 70+ MTPs/GCPs (Northings, Eastings and Elevations) to calculate the volumes.  Oh, and yes I screwed up on a few and had to jump back and forth between the raycloud tab and the volume tab to identify the MTPs/GCPs where I input the wrong values.  This task used to be completed in about 30 minutes by importing the GCPs from a .csv file, “connecting the dots” and clicking the calculate tab.

Any word on the fix yet?

Is it possible to download the older versions of Pix4d?

Chip - do you know which older version you’re looking for to resolve this? I have most all the previous versions back to 2.0.83 that I can share with you. Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you the link.

I’m still using 2.1.61 Chip which I think  is the last version before the 3 came out. I  have this on my main super machine and I have vs3 on my laptop.  There are links for earlier versions on web sit. Sorry I cant remember exactly where now and I am rushing out the door.

Dear all,

There are some updates about the volumes in the next versions (mosty probably version 3.2):

You will be able to add MPTs , convert them to GCPs, edit the GCPs’ coordinates, draw a surface based on the GCPs, duplicate this surface for the Volumes tab. So, you will not need to export and import the surface for the Volume calculation.
We are working on this in order to implement a more user friendly workflow given that it is important for our users.

Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards,


Still not resolved in this latest version 3.1.23!!. 

I just did a whole  set of new projects last few weeks and again working on the volumes in this current work space format having the volumes separated in its own work space from the ray cloud is just awful!!! Man I have to waste to much time on this compared to the earlier 2.xx series versions! 

Not being able to import whole surfaces into the ray cloud and then not being able to adjust or see the DSM surfaces created within the volume work space means double work and constantly switching back and forth from one work space to the other, all wasting time and leading to many inaccuracies in the date sets.

Also not being able to create surfaces in the volume work space in exactly the location we set out the volumes is ridiculous. Same as not being able to use the poly lines for measuring around the edges of the volumes on the surface of the ray cloud in the volume work space makes this task impossible to measure the boundary on the surface of a volume.

I really dread it now days having to do these projects in these 3.xx version of Pix4D. It is NOT a pleasant experience people!

When is 3.2 coming out and will this all be fixed in that?

Dear John


Thank you very much for your input!

We did some changes in the last versions to improve the volume calculations. You can draw/import an area that will be used as the Base for your volume under the Volume tab:



You can change the coordinates of the Volume Base vertices, without switching to the rayCloud. Just click the GCP/MTP Manager


Change the MTPs to GCPs and edit their coordinates.


Does this solve your problem? Why do you draw surfaces into the rayCloud? You could draw/import them directly under the Volumes tab.

When a Volume Base is created in the Volume Tab, MTPs are automatically created in the rayCloud. You could use the polyline tool to measure the distance between them.


We do understand that a better integration between the 2 tabs is necessary. We take your comments into consideration and we do our best to improve our software. 

Thank you for your valuable feedback.