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Volume Measurement Still Calculating Disabled Points

I am attempting to use the volume tool to determine the volume of a basketball court. In the training material, it states that points assigned to ‘Disabled’ will not be taken into consideration while measuring volume.

In theory, I should be able to create a volume and compute the area of the court, then disable the points that make up the basketball hoops, and the volume calculations should change (given that the hoops should no longer be taken into consideration). However, the area and volume computed is the same, regardless of whether or not the extra points are disabled. Why might this not be working?


Hi Brianna,

Please note that the volume is computed using the DSM. After you have disabled the desired points, you need to reprocess step 3. Only then you will see the difference in the volume calculations. Beforehand, I would recommending exporting the base surface, in case you do not find it in the project anymore.

Check out the example below:

  1. Before disabling points:

  1. After disabling points and processing step 3:



Thank you so much!

can you elaborate more on the steps that i need to follow in order to calculate after disabling. the tutorials was not much helpful.
i did use the point cloud editing tool and assigned the objects that i dont want to a seperate point group “tree”.
i disabled it and did the DSM, Orthomosaic and index process

but the tree is still there
Please help me,


When using the point cloud editing tool, you need to assign the unwanted points only to the category Disabled. Afterwards, process the step 3. This should have removed your points.


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Unfortunately, after editing the point cloud, you need to run step 3 again to recalculate the DSM and the new volume.