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Volume Calculation Buttons Missing?

After running 81 pictures through Pix4D Mapper the three volume measurement buttons are not visible on the left side of the user interface. Additional the dropdown button for ‘New Volume’ is not selectable. Has anyone run into this before using Linux?

Hello Joe, 

The Volumes view is available when the point cloud and the DSM(Step 3) are generated. Could you make sure DSM is created for your project? If not select the DSM option as shown in the figure below and reprocess step 3 only to get the volume option available.

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Sorry for the low picture quality, the DSM has been generated and given x,y,z classification. Any other recommendations?

Hi Joe, 

We would need more details to resolve the issue. I see you have already contacted the support team and they will now deal with it. If there is any good finding, we will share on this post for others.